Saturday, March 4, 2023



(GM: Junichi Yasunaga) I just want to thank you for all of you guys, coming to see our newest player Carl Tamayo from Philippine. He’s an outstanding player from Philippine college basketball. He is the ace, the man of the college, he belong to UP Maroons. He is a such huge force to the team, we are so happy to announce we signed him to Okinawa Ryukyu Golden Kings. And would like to start developing our team with him, and then we will have a good future.

(Carl Tamayo: CT) Hello. First of all, thank you for coming. Good afternoon everyone. I’m very happy to be part of this great organization. Thanks for our head coach and our manager. I was very honored to be picked as their asian import. I’m just gonna do everything I could to help the team to contribute to the team anyways, I’m very excited to play to all the fans. Please support me and the team. Especially the team. This upcoming games in the ESL Emperors cup and B.LEAGUE. Thank you so much for welcoming me. Very happy that everyone welcomed me. Everyone’s happy that I’m here.

  • Yesterday you were watching the team play in the arena. How did you see the team?

(CT) Thank you for the question. I saw the game yesterday, it’s a really tough game but I think the end of the game the team responded so well, they did the right place, very patient. They worked hard for it, the defense was really nice. I’m very happy for the win, I see the system was all about the team game, and it’s very nice to watch the game like that and I’m here to learn a lot of stuff. Especially yesterday I saw the game I think I have a lot of things to learn that I will learn from my head coach.

  • What are your strengths as a player?

(CT) I think the strength as me as a player is I could stretch the floor and I could play defense on small guys,  so I will be able to switch, and I think I could play in the post, I could shoot from a range and I think those are the strengths that I have, but still I have a lot of things to learn to improve on. I think in this kind of organization I think I will be improving a lot as a young player. Those strengths I want to learn more and add more strength for me as a player.

  • Who is an NBA player that you look up to?

(CT) Basketball in the Philippines is very known. People love so much in the Philippines. I think the player that I look up to now is Luka Doncic. The way he play the smartness that he have. Those are the things that I think I have to learn and I want to learn. It was great for me to have this opportunity to play in Okinawa. A lot of people in the Philippines support me and I’m very happy.

  • How do you feel about playing against Kai Sotto from Hiroshima Dragonflies?

(CT) It will be fun and it will be exciting. Seeing Kai and me playing in the pro league at the same time. We started playing as a young players. We started in teens In Philippines and now we’re playing in the B.LEAGUE playing against each other. I think it will be exciting there’s more competition with it and for all the Filipinos playing in the B.LEAGUE, those are people that inspired a lot of people in the basketball player in the Philippines, having an opportunity to play internationally it’s a great opportunity as a basketball player as a Filipino.

  • After watching yesterday’s Emperor’s Cup game, which teammate are you most excited to play with?

(CT) First of all, I’m very excited to play with the team, not just one player but to play with each other, but seeing Kishimoto the way he thinks the game the way he played the game, I think the maturity that they have the experience. I think I’m very excited to learn a lot from him. Allen Durham, those guys are older than me, for sure they have more experience than me, I think they will help me to improve. Everyone I’m very excited to play the team, not just any player, just the team. I’m very excited to help the team.

  • Out of all the Filipino players in the B.LEAGUE who are you closest to? Have any of them been giving you advice?

(CT) Yes, every basketball player if you have opportunity to play internationally of course it’s everyone’s dream, especially Philippines. Players in B.LEAGUE, the Philippines there’s B. Leaguer are my friends, they were my teammates in the national team, so we talk a lot about the league and the teams, and they advise me. I think Kiefer Ravena is the one who talked to me a lot advised me about the league, about the culture in Japan. I think everyone is happy about they are playing here in Japan. They had great experience and I think I look forward for it and as a young player having this exposure playing against top level players is good for me and I’ll learn a lot to able to help the team.

  • What inspired you to start playing basketball?

(CT)  I think the reason why I play basketball, it’s because in the Philippines if you play basketball there’s a big opportunity for you to help your family. I pursued basketball because I see in the process that I’m helping my family through basketball, so I enjoy basketball. I’m very passionate to play the game, I think when I started practicing and learning about basketball I fell in love about the basketball so I think the reason why I play basketball is to be able to help my family, and because of basketball now, I was able to help my family, give them good life and they were able to eat everyday. You know because of basketball, so I think that’s one of the reason why I play basketball.

  • Why do you wear the number 33?

(CT) The number three is so meaningful for me. There's a lot of events in my life that the date started with number three, My real number is 23, but when I played in the college, someone get the number 23, but and there's number three, so I want to have a three on my number. So I picked up number 33, and then till now until now the jersey number, I think I'm lucky with this number, so I stick with it. Very grateful that the team gave me the number, and no one gets the number.

  • What did you think of the Ryukyu Golden Kings fans? Do you have a message for them?

(CT) When I came to the arena the first time yesterday, I saw the Kings fan and very supportive, and they give a lot of energy to players to perform well for the fans. And my message for the fans is just every time I start step on the court, I'll do my best to help the team to win the games. I'll do whatever it takes to help or contribute for the team. And please keep supporting the team every game, because you're a big factor for the players. Give us energy to the game, motivate us to work harder and get the win because of the fans.

  • Is outside shooting a skill you have been working on since childhood or is it a more recent development?

(CT) Of course I'll work for it. I started playing basketball when I was 13 years old, so my coach in the Philippines, Coach Goldwin, really helps me develop me as a player. He taught me a lot about basketball. So I really work hard for it. I really work day in, day out on my shooting. I think it's very important in basketball to have a shooting as you will be a lot of purpose as a player if you have a shooting. So I really work hard for it, and I'm still working hard to be more consistent with my shooting. But of course, I'm trying to develop more skills for myself and to be able to help the team.

  • How does it feel to be playing for a foreign team?

(CT) Of course, I'm very happy. First of all, I just want to thank our manager, head coach to give me this opportunity to play internationally. Of course I'm very excited, because for sure, I will learn a lot. I will develop my skills too, because of this high level, International League. I'm very happy and excited and looking forward to learn more to improve.

  • Joining Ryukyu Golden Kings A team made last season's final, do you pressure to live up to that standard?

(CT) Of course I'm very excited. Having a winning team for me for the first time I turned pro is very big deal for me because having a a winning team, it means they have a great culture, very disciplined team, and that's everything I look up to play. And I'm very blessed that I had this opportunity to play with a winning team, a great organization and culture team. So I think I'm not that pressured because the team is doing well. I think they will help me. It's not just about me, it's the team. So I'm just going to help what I could help for the team.