Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Kai Sotto agrees to contract with HIROSHIMA DRAGONFLIES for the 2023-24 Season

HIROSHIMA DRAGONFLIES has announced that they have reached to an agreement with Kai Sotto for the 2023-24 B.LEAGUE season. There will be an option included in his contract to sign with an NBA team this summer, so there will be a possibility that his contract with HIROSHIMA may be cancelled, but there will be an official announcement from the team scheduled around September for an update.

Comments from Kai Sotto,

"I am so grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity, and I am happy to have the chance to play in Japan next season.The NBA is my biggest dream, so I will continue to work hard in the United States this summer.To all the Dragonflies fans, I know there may be some irregularities next season, but I will do my best in the given environment so that I can give you good news.See you soon"

Comments from General Manager Shuji Okazaki,

"This season he joined the team later in the season and added height to the team and gave Hiroshima a lift. As he is still 21 years old, there are more things he need to work on and a lot of room for growth. Working toward next season, he will be involved in training and workouts in the United States and also have the possibility of playing in the summer league. With a stronger physical and improvement on defense, his playing time should increase and make us a stronger team. We are looking forward to his play next season leading us to more victories.Also there is an option to sign with an NBA team in his contract, so if he signs with an NBA team this summer, there is a possibility that his contract with HIROSHIMA will be cancelled. In that situation, we as a club are prepared with another option. Around September, we are scheduled to officially announce the contact situation of Kai Sotto. Not just the workouts in the United States this summer, but the World Cup is also coming up this August and let’s all look forward to Kai Sotto’s performance and growth.”


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