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Q&A Interview - Brandon Jawato | B1 ROUND 10|12.11.2022

B1 ROUND 10 Game 1: December 10, 2022



B1 ROUND 10 Game 2: December 11, 2022



(Brandon Jawato: BJ) I love my new team, love my teammates. Guys are just really fun to be around. And, yeah, I feel like I'm living the dream. And the career too, so many beautiful people that I met on my journey here in Kariya. A lot of cool cafes shout out to Sun Plus Cafe, and I'm having a blast. I'm able to ride my bike to practice, go to the parks, and I can say I'm living in the dream.

  • What is your strength and how do you fit into your role in MIKAWA?

(BJ) Yeah. One of my strengths is definitely shooting three pointers. You know, just knocking down the open shot when my teammates find me. And also defense too, you know, bringing energy on the defensive side and getting stops and transitioning those defensive stops into offense. You know, those are my strong points.

  • Who are you most close to on the team?

(BJ) Who am I most close to? I would say local player or Japanese player. Doesn't matter. Teammate. I would say Cedric “Big Ced” that's my big bro. I tried to ask him a lot of questions because he's played in the NBA before, so I just liked to pick his brain and ask him questions, and I would say, yeah, he's probably my number one teammate. 

  • What is your goal in this team and how far do you think you can go?

(BJ) My goal for this team is, definitely is to win, is to win a Championship, is to come into practice, and, just be consistent with my work ethic and just be the best teammate I can be. And the sky's the limit for this team. You know, still earlier in the season, but we're starting to build the right chemistry, and yes, win the championship, that's the goal.

  • Aside from the game and practice how do you enjoy your life in Japan?

(BJ) I love Japan. It's a blessing to be here. You know, thanks for coaches of the organization, for giving me this opportunity to play for SEAHORSE MIKAWA and yeah, I love to eat Japanese food. Sushi  one of my favorites. Engawa, saba, unagi. And also just the beautiful architecture of Japan and the culture. So I'm having a blast.

  • Which city was impressive for you to go on the road games?

(BJ) I would say, I really like Tokyo. I really like the city life. I would say yeah, I would say Tokyo is probably my favorite place, but also like here, Kyoto. Kyoto is a beautiful place. I know it's one of the oldest cities in Japan. So, yeah, I love the architecture, the temples, the nature. It's beautiful. Matane. Thank you guys. God bless.


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