Thursday, December 1, 2022

Postgame Interview - Dwight Ramos | 10.02.2022

October 2, 2022

Levanga Hokkaido 90 - 95 Akita Northern Happinets


October 3, 2022

Levanga Hokkaido 74 - 97 Akita Northern Happinets


  • What were the positive aspects during the opening round and any aspects you want to improve?

(Dwight Ramos: DR) As a team we showed a lot of effort the first game. The second game it wasn't as much. So we showed a lot of flashes of being a good team and we also showed flashes but we weren't so good, so it's kind of up and down now so we're just going to keep practicing, definitely work on our defense and just hope to become a more gel together team and more consistent together.

  • You ran into a playoff team AKITA that shot the lights out. What do you take from these two games?

(DR) Yeah man, AKITA they definitely shot the lights out both days. You definitely have to work on our defense, try and make it harder for, well shooting teams like that. And it's good that we're struggling now. It's just the first two games. So it's better that we struggle now, work on things, fix things and then be better moving forward in the future games. So it's better for us struggling in these two games than in the future.

  • You were the one of the most mins for the two games. What do you think your role in the team now?

(DR) It's early in the season and Coach really believes in me and of course, him leaving me out on the court I just want to give my best effort, best attitude and just keep playing hard and keep trying to win.

No matter what the score is, I keep playing hard and I think Coach really believes in me so that's why he was leaving me out there. So I'm grateful for it and hopefully it gets me in better shape moving forward to the other games. I'll be ready for more.

  • How is your adjustment to the new team so far?

(DR)  I'm happy. I mean, I like it here. The coaches have been great, the players have all been great. Everybody, all the staff really supportive and, yeah it's just really professional here. I love playing with them on the court. Everybody tries hard, tries their best. That's all you can ask for from the team, is just effort. 


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