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Postgame Interview - Greg Slaughter | B2 ROUND 6 | 11.08.2022


B2 ROUND 6 Game 1: November 7, 2022



B2 ROUND 6 Game 2: November 8, 2022





Game 1: 9:22 MINS | 4 PTS | 3 REB
Game 2: 12:39 MINS | 4 PTS | 2 REB | 1 AST


  • Can you share your thoughts on the last two games?

(Greg Slaughter: GS) You know, it was a kind of a roller coaster. You know, we were happy we got the first win, sadly didn't get the second win today. You know, we were really hoping to get two. But we have a quick turnaround, and we'll have two more games at home this weekend, so we can't dwell on the loss and look to get two more wins this weekend.

  • Where do you think the team can improve towards the future games?

(GS) I think we just need to find our togetherness a little more, find our flow. Right now, I don't think we're really operating too well as a team. We got good chemistry among the players, but I think we just need to find a little bit more cohesiveness together, find each other a little more on the court, and just have each other's backs.

  • How do you see your role in the team?

(GS) Definitely, I bring size to the team, and a lot of teams here have a lot of size. They bring in imports, big times, big sizes. So I like to help out like I've always been doing my whole career, even in the Philippines, playing on the big position. And hopefully I'll be able to get into games more, so I'll be able to have more of an impact. I'm always ready and up for any task that the team needs me to play. Whatever is required for us to help get our team wins.

  • Do you have any personal goal of the season?

(GS) Well, the goal for me personally, wherever I go, is to always try to win. I'm try to win games for the team and always aiming to win the championship. And with the talent we have on this team, I don't see any reason why that's not an achievable goal. So we definitely want to win. I like how in the B.LEAGUE there's a promotion and relegation between the levels of the B.LEAGUE for winning and being on the bottom two. So hopefully we can win the championship or be promoted to the B.LEAGUE and do that for the city of FUKUOKA.

  • How do you like the B.LEAGUE so far?

(GS) So far, I love the B.LEAGUE. It's been really fun traveling and meeting all my new teammates. It's been really fun seeing parts of Japan that I've never seen before, and it's been really nice living in the city of Fukuoka. In the B.LEAGUE, there's a lot more tactical, there's a lot of preparation, and we have a lot of people in the B.LEAGUE here that prepare us with a lot of videos and scouting other teams. And it's definitely a different challenge and very fun. The home and away element too, that's a really big thing. Seeing different arenas with different fans. That's a lot different and very new to me, but very fun.

  • What did you do to adjust to the new team?‚Äć

(GS) Unfortunately, I kind of joined the team a little later than everyone, so I've been adjusting this past months, not only just adjusting to my new team, but adjusting to the new place for the team. Everyone's been really accommodating, very friendly, very accepting. So everyone from the team, management, staff, you know, they've really been making me feel welcome and letting me adapt to the ways they are in Japan. Right now, I'm still adjusting to the style of play in Japan but as far as everything else, all the teammates have been really helping me get along.

  • Who are your best buddies now? Are they welcoming you?

(GS) Yeah, everybody from the team has been very welcoming. They've really helped me out. Everything they need, even though some we can't really speak the same language, but they've still been really reaching out to help me. I'd say the one that's really been helping me out and close to me right now is Yuya Nagayoshi.  We like to spend our time talking on our trips and travels and just a really friendly and a special guide to me.

  • Message from fans: Do you miss your fans in the Philippines? Because we miss you big time!

(GS) Yeah, absolutely. I miss you guys. Still very thankful you guys reach out to me on Instagram. Thank you for watching these games that were available. I know a lot of people have always been asking me how to watch these games, so hopefully that you guys were able to watch these past two ones, and hopefully there will be some more in the future. And I hope you guys enjoy the basketball, and I hope you guys enjoyed D League games. We're representing you guys over here, so thank you for all the support.


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