Tuesday, May 9, 2023

POSTGAME INTERVIEW - Kiefer Ravena|B1 ROUND36|05.07.2023

B1 ROUND 36 : May 07, 2023



31:56 MINS | 8 PTS | 2 REBS | 6 ASTS | 1 ST
  • Comments on todays game?

(KIEFER RAVENA: KR) Obviously, you know disappointed. In our final game, we weren't able to give the fans the boosters, a victory. I mean, no matter what happened they were there to support us all throughout the year. I guess that's just the feeling right now is more for the fans. Besides the relegation, we have people supporting us all throughout the year who never let us down home games or away games. It's a tough situation right now.

  • What are some positive takeaways from this season?

(KR) I guess the positive side is especially when we're down during the first part to the half part of the season where everything is happening, the team became more of a family. We had nobody to rely on but ourselves from coaching staff, teammates, staff and everybody else in the organization. I think that's one thing that I could really pick from this season amidst all the crazy things that happened and one way or another, I felt like we turned it around. We were really down and out and almost had no chance of really fighting for the last game of the season. But we had the chance, we had the way to control the outcome of our season. I know it's not the ending that we were all looking forward to, but again, individually we grow, life moves on and we take everything from our learning lesson from this year and apply it for all of our careers individually.


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