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POSTGAME INTERVIEW - Roosevelt Adams|B1 ROUND13|12.25.2022

B1 ROUND 13 Game 1: December 24, 2022



B1 ROUND 13 Game 2: December 25, 2022




Game 1: DNP Due to Injury
Game 2: DNP Due to Injury

Any thoughts on this round?

(Roosevelt Adams: RV) It was hard to watch the games today, just knowing that everybody on our team is banged up. But at the end of the day, we do have to be professional and go out there and try to get some energy in the games.  But I just did as much as I could on the bench just cheering my guys on and just be positive. Just coming in here for these next two games just to learn and just get better. That's about it.

  • It's been a tough first half of the season for Kagawa. What do you think is necessary for the team to bounce back? 

(RV) Like I said earlier, we all been hurt throughout the season. I don't think since I've been here, we had our full team at 100%. So on top of that, once we do have everybody 100%, I think our chemistry would be much better instead of playing some players here and some players there. But I still have confidence in this team. Everything doesn't happen in one night, so we just got to be patient, start playing harder, and just trust the process.

  • It's being more than three months since you joined the team, who is your best buddy of the team?

(RV) It's hard. I do have, like, a little bond with almost everybody on the team, so I can't just solo anybody out. I'm just that type of person where I just spread energy and high spirits to talking to at least everybody. Even though there's a language barrier between myself and some of the local players, I do feel that energy where we're on the right page and joking around and having a fun team environment is always a good thing to have.

  • Who do you want to give MVP? Looking back since the last season started?

(RV) I'll say Miles. He's taking the load on our offensive end by far. I know every team coming in every game, they're looking to stop Miles all the time. With that being said, it does open up more opportunities for the other players on the court because he's getting double team every time he get the ball. So, yes, I'll probably give it to Miles as far as I'm concerned.

  • The next question is which team is the toughest one to up against so far? 

(RV) I'll say CHIBA, the team that we just played, even though I didn't play this game, but going back to the first time I played them, they're just a bunch of tough players, very disciplined. All by a great coach. So I know that playing a team like that and matching their energy in the game is going to take us further and help us at the end of the day. 

  • So how is your life in Japan so far?

(RV) My wife is loving the environment, full of great people. The weather is a big jump because coming from Manila, there's no winter, so this first winter really took us by surprise. So as you can see, the jackets that I have is super thin compared to the weather, so we're going to upgrade on that pretty soon. But other than that, it's just been a great adventure here, creating as much memories as we can. 

  • Are you excited for the All Star Game? 

(RV) Oh, man, I'm ecstatic. It's a great honor just to be invited into the All Stars in my first year, so I'm just going to enjoy the moment and play hard wherever I do, and, yeah, super excited.


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