Tuesday, February 7, 2023


B1 ROUND 21 Game 1: February 4, 2023



B1 ROUND 21 Game 2: February 5, 2023



Game 1: 24:23 MINS | 11 PTS | 2 REBS | 4 ASTS | 1 STL
Game 2: 24:27 MINS | 15 PTS | 3 ASTS

Game 1: 25:33 MINS | 9 PTS | 6 REBS | 2 ASTS
Game 2: 17:17 MINS | 3 PTS | 4 REBS | 5 ASTS | 1 BLK
  • Can you give us your thoughts on this weekend's games?

(Kiefer Ravena: KR) It was a tough game. I guess it was a good weekend for both teams because we really played hard all throughout the game. Again, we split this weekend. We're importantly. We. Were able to stop our losing streak. It was tough. It was a tough couple of months for the team, for the organization, but this is all the hard work that we put in in those tough situations and we're very happy that we came out with the win.

(Thirdy Ravena: TR) Like what he mentioned, it was a tough weekend for both teams. Yesterday was also a close game. We just managed to wrap it up in the end and get that win. And the second game, it was a tough. The last seven minutes we were up, but they still fought. Shiga still fought till the end. Played harder than us in the last couple of minutes, and that's why they got that win. But right now, we're also in the same position. The last three weekends wasn't the best, but yeah, that's a lesson for us as a team and as individuals to just find a way and how to win. It's just the part of the season where every single game matters, especially mid season. It's already finished. So every game matters. And yes, we just got to bounce back from our struggles as a team.

  • Kiefer, how does it feel to be back on the winning track?

(KR) Feels different. Definitely 20 games. I think 20 games, something like that. Almost 20 games that we lost. 18. Almost close to 20 games. And you know, I feel like the effort of the whole team doesn't reflect the 18 games that we lost. It was a difficult situation, like I said, but this win is definitely something that could really feed us good energy, help us bounce back, and go to the right direction again for the rest of the season.

  • Did you guys talk to each other before the game?

(KR) We actually didn't talk before the game because both of us are very competitive. And every advantage that we could get against each other, I'll do my best to get it. And we talked before the game when we saw each other, but after the game that we lost. I have to focus, refocus, and then play for today's game. But other than that, it's just a matter of executing our game plan and playing our hearts out in the game.

  • What was your mindset in the last quarter of tonight's game?

(KR) I guess it was just finding a way to win. I guess that was the mindset that everybody had, not just me. So it's all the players on the bench and all the players playing, they give confidence to one another. So every time I take the shot, I believe that it has a chance to go in and my teammates will always cheer me up whether I make it or I miss it. So good thing it went in at a very crucial time. So I guess hopefully we won't have enough close game, so it's not really so we don't get nervous too much and we can win comfortably. But then again, win is a win. I'll take it any time.

  • Thirdy, how did it feel to reach the 1,000 point milestone?

(TR) It's a little milestone that shows how hard I've worked my whole life to get to this point and to play in the league, which is very competitive. For me that's hard to do, but I'm very happy that we've achieved 1,000 points, hopefully 1,000 more, and then so on and so forth. But yeah, that's just a little milestone. What's more important for us is to try and focus and find ways to win and help the team better and try to make good decisions every time we're on the court. So yeah I mean, it's a good thing to just look back and just realize how hard you work at this point and how harder we have to work. Go where we want to be, which is hopefully 1,000 more.

  • Kiefer, how did it feel for you to reach the 1,000 point milestone?

(KR) Like what he said is a great achievement and hopefully it doesn't stop with 1,000. We're still going to continue working hard, playing our best, giving ourselves an opportunity to win for the team. That's the most important thing. And just stay healthy. I think we can achieve a lot more if we continue to play and not have any injuries in this very tough league with many games. So that's the most important thing for us. We got to take care of our bodies. Achieve 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 more in the future.

  • Kiefer, how did it feel to score your 1,000 point on the court with your brother?

(KR) It's been special. I mean, especially for me. He made his way out here right after college and I was already playing professional back home in the Philippines. It was a big leap of faith for me and really taking my chances and betting on myself into playing in a high level league here in the B.League. Very thankful for my organization, for Shiga, for allowing me to be here and be myself and achieving this milestone as brothers I think it's a reflection of also the sacrifices our parents made all throughout the years supporting us. It's really tough being away from them. We wish that they were here to celebrate this milestone with us, but that's the sacrifices needed to be done being able to play here in Japan. But I'm pretty sure they're just as proud as if they were here back home in the Philippines, that we were able to achieve this in a very high level competition and high level league here in the B.League, so we're very grateful and we appreciate everybody who's supporting us every day.

  • Thirdy, SAN-EN is still within the range to the playoffs. What do you think you and the team needs to work on to clinch a spot in the playoffs?

(TR) Yeah as I mentioned earlier, this is the part in the season where teams figure out if they're going to make the playoffs or not, and every single game counts. So for me individually, I have to step up and try to find ways and how I could help my team win, especially in the end game, because the last three weekends have been, you know, challenging for us as teams and individuals. But now we have to try our best to win every single game that we can. Especially, we're catching up with the top three teams in our division, so every game matters, and we just have to find that right pace and groove in our team and the right flow so we could really try and make the most out of the time that we have.

  • As a brotherly competition, who do you think won this round?

(TR) What counts is whoever wins the game. I think that's who wins the one-on-one competition. So I'd say yesterday we won, so I have one, and then today Shiga won, so now he has one.

(KR) And I think even from last year, we've split everything, right? I think the first game of the season. Last season in 2022 split again, and then this one split again. I think the numbers don't lie.

  • When do you plan to go to the Philippines and join Gilas Pilipinas for Window 6?

(KR) I think we'll be playing the last games before the break this weekend. So as soon as we have a chance to go back to join training camp, I think we'll make our way down there and help out the team in whatever way we can.