Sunday, April 2, 2023


B1 ROUND 27 : March 26, 2023



33:24 MINS | 15 PTS | 7 REBS | 3 ASTS | 2 STLS
  • Thoughts on the game?

(Thirdy Ravena: TR) So today's game it was very tough, we were able to start with a good lead make good defensive stops. And we tried to stop the catch and shoot threes and that's one of our main points and of course the offensive rebounds. They were able to grab a lot of rebounds throughout the whole game, but throughout the game we were able to manage and find a way on how we could fight even though things weren't going our way, and especially at the end I gotta admit I made a lot of mistakes towards the end, but I'm very happy that everyone was there and the team, they did whatever they could to win and we fought as a team and that's the most important part so today was a very special win for us. UTSUNOMIYA is one of the best team out here, they gave us a really good fight. It was never easy but we were able to manage the win so very happy.

  • Favorite play of the game?

(TR) The best play I think I've had would be my steal against Makoto in today's game. Probably one of my best play out here in Japan in general, not just because of the game but also because I finally had the chance to play my idol, he was the only person I knew that was playing in Japan, because I've been a fan of his since high school when he was playing for the national team and he was playing against the Philipines and he was killng it, and the fact that we were able to play again. It's my first time playing here in the three years that I've been in Japan and it's such a surreal moment for me and of course to capped that with a victory and celebrate with the team, such a special moment so I would choose that play.

  • What were your takeaways today?

(TR) For today's game even though we won there's still a lot of lessons to be learned and most especially the end game. It's a very good lesson for each and everyone of us to know and understand what it takes to win a game, and how important every single play is from playing defense to making a good screen to running a transition. It makes a lot of impact in the game, sometimes it can spell between winning or losing for us, so we hope to carry all the experience that we've had in this game and hopefully find ways like how we did today, how to win even though the game plan isn't necessarily working the way we want to do. Hopefully we get the momentum and win as much as we can in the rest of the coming games.


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